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Religious e-commerce is growing


It’s called Holyart, based in Reggio Emilia, and is the leading company in online sales of sacred art and religious articles. With a catalog of over 60 thousand products, customers in 160 countries, around fifty employees under 35 who will become 200, and a revenue target of 50 million euros, Holyart has just inaugurated a logistics center from which five thousand parcels can be shipped per day

Holyart, faith also goes through e-commerce

"La Libertà"

Holyart, the largest e-commerce for sacred art and religious articles in Europe, inaugurated a new headquarters on October 5th. It is a warehouse of 10,000 square meters in Gavassa, in the northeast suburbs of Reggio Emilia. The building, in yellow and gray, is clearly visible along the ‘Autostrada del Sole’ (Highway of the Sun). This marks the fourth move for the company that was founded in Sassuolo in 2007 and has grown steadily over fifteen years, generating fifteen million euros in revenue in 2022.

Holyart, l’e-commerce della fede: “Pronti a raddoppiare il fatturato”

"Il Resto del Carlino"

Holyart, l’e-commerce di articoli religiosi numero uno in Europa e nel mondo, con 800mila clienti in 160 Paesi, ha realizzato un nuovissimo polo logistico accanto alla stazione ferroviaria di Calatrava a Reggio Emilia.

Reggio Emilia, a new 10,000-square-meter headquarters for Holyart

"Stampa Reggiana"

Holyart is an e-commerce, a leader in Europe and worldwide, specializing in Catholic sacred art and religious items. The new headquarters, located along the ‘Autostrada del Sole’ (Highway of the Sun), required an investment of 18 million euros and will enable the packaging and shipment of over 5,000 packages per day.

Holyart continues to grow: the new facility is inaugurated


“The company, born 15 years ago in a garage in Sassuolo, sells religious articles worldwide. Today, it has 67 employees and a turnover of over 15 million euros. This exponential growth has led to changing headquarters every 2 years. Stefano Zanni, one of the founders, said, ‘We were not very visionary.'”

Sacred art and religious objects see a boom in e-commerce sales.

"Il Giornale"

Online shopping has become a part of our daily lives, with millions of people making purchases on the web every day. Amazing but true, even the trade of sacred art and religious articles is thriving online, achieving very positive results, even on the rise. This is according to those working in the industry, such as the company Holyart, a leader in the sale of religious items, including handmade ones, through e-commerce.

Crucifixes and rosaries, sacred art sees a surge in online sales

"Il Sole 24 Ore"

Sacred art and religious articles embrace online commerce. The financial statements of Holyart, an e-commerce company, reveal that they closed 2022 with a turnover of over 15 million euros, up by more than 8% compared to the previous year, and a positive EBITDA, up by 4.2% compared to 2021.

Holyart, a major player in e-commerce for religious articles and sacred art, closes 2022 with 15 million euros in revenue


Pulcranet Srl, the company that owns the Holyart portal, the first e-commerce platform for religious articles and sacred art with a catalog of over 60,000 products, closed 2022 with a turnover of over 15 million euros, an increase of over 8% from 2021, and with a positive EBITDA, which grew by 4.2%.

Holyart, faith leads to growth

"Italia Oggi"

The Italian e-commerce portal for sacred art has doubled its turnover from 2019 to today. A boom similar to Amazon Prime. Now featuring own-branded products.

Boom for the e-commerce of sacred art, another year of growth for Holyart: +8% in 12 months

"La Repubblica"

Since 2019, the company has nearly doubled its turnover and confirms itself as the leading specialized website for religious articles in Italy and Europe.

Maximizing e-commerce efficiency with WMS: the case of Holyart

"Beta 80 Group Magazine"

Holyart chose Beta 80 Group to revolutionize the logistics of its e-commerce for sacred art and religious items. The result is a renovated warehouse that is easy to manage thanks to a flexible WMS that adapts to the company’s current and future needs.

Nativity scenes online, jump of 81% of Holyart’s revenues

Il Sole 24 Ore

It’s hard to say whether the pandemic has revitalized the Christmas spirit and the desire to decorate one’s home with nativity scenes, figurines, incense, and other religious-themed decorations.

Holyart, the (completely Italian) Amazon of nativity scenes and sacred art

"Corriere della Sera"

Born in 2007 as a challenge, it is the largest online portal in Europe specializing in the sale of nativity scenes, Christmas decorations, statues, vestments, and monastery articles. From 2019 to today, the nativity market has grown by 73%.

Holyart: the company where marketing is not the only faith

"Imprese e Territorio" N° 05 2020

With steady growth and continuous investments, the Reggio-based company is now a reference point in the e-commerce of religious articles.

Holyart among the stars of e-commerce 2020-2021

"L'Economia" del Corriere della Sera

Corriere della Sera, in collaboration with Statista, has investigated which e-shops are the most loved, used, and reliable: the first Italian survey to identify the 500 Stars of E-Commerce in our country. Holyart is one of them.

Faith also goes through e-commerce. “We have started again with home altars”

"La Stampa"

Holyart, the largest e-commerce store dedicated to religious shopping in Europe, is getting ready to secure the Churches: from hand sanitizers to plexiglass barriers for confessionals. The story of a bet that began with a warehouse full of unsold goods.

The 8:00 PM service on TF1 dedicated to Holyart

The first e-commerce for religious articles in Europe

"Le Journal de 20 heures" - TF1

In the midst of the Christmas tradition, here are some statues that ask to find a place in the nativity scene. We take you to the largest European company selling religious items online.

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Reggio Emilia, Pulcranet, the global leader in sacred items sold online

Il Resto del Carlino

It’s not the Emilia you’d expect, the one you encounter when you cross the threshold of the futuristic headquarters of Pulcranet Srl in Mancasale: the ‘Amazon of the sacred,’ as they call it, the number one in the world in its very delicate sector.

The report by Rossella Ricchiuti

Sacred articles flow on the web

"Prima dell'alba" - RAI3

Italy is the world leader in the production of religious objects, and artisans rely on a large online platform that ensures worldwide delivery within 48 hours.

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A small, great Italian miracle

"Azione" - Settimanale d'informazione e di culture della cooperativa Migros Ticino

The definition may seem a bit blasphemous, but it’s the one that best captures the idea: the Amazon of religious products. Holyart is the largest online seller of sacred art objects. On the outskirts of Reggio Emilia, there is a warehouse of 5000 square meters, which will nearly double in size by the end of the year.

The service by TG2, curated by Luca Raimondo

Religious articles for sale online. From Reggio Emilia to the rest of the world, 70,000 packages shipped in one year.

"TG2" - RAI2

Reggio Emilia, just a few minutes from the railway station designed by Santiago Calatrava, is home to an Italian company specializing in the online sale of sacred articles

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Architecture: a “seductive” vision

"Gazzetta di Modena"

For the office project of the new headquarters on Via Danubio, Holyart chose an internationally renowned architect from Modena. A member of the ‘Royal Institute of British Architects’ and the winner of numerous awards, Matteo Parmiggiani reflects on his career, recounting how his ‘specialized’ approach and ‘seductive’ vision of architecture have led him to become, with his MPA studio, a brand of quality and distinction in the field.